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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

The Village of God

Rhythm Team

To mark the beginning of Lent, Rhythm had a stay-in-town retreat. Our friend Joshua Grace from Philadelphia was with us for the weekend and led our time. Joshua plays in the band Psalters and is pastor of Circle of Hope, the inner-city church that Shane Claiborne belongs to. We shared stories, rode bicycles, laughed a lot, and learned more about how the church can be “the village of God” in urban places like Philly and Miami. Here are a couple of reflections on the weekend from folks in our community:

“It wasn’t until the Village of God retreat that I truly realized what the natural heart and soul of the church is: a community of believers. It sounds so simple, but I had not yet understood. Each and every one of us is here to support one another, and encourage one another in community. The church is such an integral part of being a follower of Christ because when we are worshiping in tandem with others our joint faith becomes contagious, and then our personal faith skyrockets. The family of believers at Rhythm just got closer on that day: everyone realized as they looked around that they were looking at their brothers and sisters in Christ. And Christ’s wish was for his children to be in rhythm with one another. Only with each other can we achieve His eternally trumpeting symphony.” (Juliana Staab)

“I learned this weekend that Philly has two of the nicest most sincere humans on earth. I also learned that living like a villager in the midst of a fast growing cosmopolitan city goes against the way of life that culture implies. However, God’s redemptive plans purposely intends it to be this traditional pattern of lifestyle. Bringing together all these diverse people to devote themselves to God and each other. In growing and venturing into life united, because God’s village is a journey with a mission that entails his kingdom and all of us.” (Guillermo Mejia)

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