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Reflections on the Cross

Rhythm Team

Every week during Lent we’ll be offering a reflection on the cross written by someone within our community. This week comes from Justin Aguirre.

A tale that comes from India between a teacher and his student goes like this:

How will I find God?
How do I get silence?
And what is mediation?

This Lent I have been spending some of my mornings with God trying to meditate and attain silence. For myself and a lot of us it is hard to still the constant wandering of our mind or quiet the emotional turmoil inside our heart. We live in a culture as well where too much silence is not a good thing and so we fill our ears with many different noises. We even have a term called “awkward silence” because we feel that our conversations and interactions need to be filled with much words or they won’t be intriguing and meaningful. However, in my quest for silence I’ve learned that it is going beyond our words and thoughts into a much deeper place where I encounter more of God and attain things like wisdom and serenity and joy. I’ve learned that while quietness is simply turning down the volume knob of life, silence is actually shutting the system off.

But if we listen closely, silence can be found throughout the course of our daily life. Let’s think about the ways we come into contact with some of these moments. How about the silence we feel right after having a really good laugh with friends. How about that silence that comes upon us when we encounter and observe beauty. What about the silence we experience right before we go to bed. How about the silence that comes upon us when we hear horrible news. And finally, let us think about the silence on that Good Friday inside the tomb where Jesus lays. Our lives are filled with these moment of silence and it is in these places where God is very real and close and loud.

‘Silence is golden’ is the common phrase, but I’ve discovered it is also pure, and it is also holy. Let us take time together today to sit in God’s silence and enter through meditation the mystery of Jesus’ passion and death. Come by the Stations of the Cross and let us follow him into the silence of the tomb where he lays so we can soon experience the weight of the loud noise in the universe when he walks out.

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