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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

One city and one hope

Rhythm Team

Poem written by Justin Aguirre; photo by Emma Del Ray.

5.5 million people – 1 city,
A city where we have:
Tall buildings but short careers,
New homes but more homeless,
Fixed up cars but broken down dreams,
Young people but old wounds,
One God but many gods,
Big Christians but little Christ,
People of many races but racist people,
So small you can get anywhere on a bike,
but so big you’ve never met your neighbor,
Strong arms but weak men,
Hot bikinis but cold women,
New found lovers but same old wounds,
More glasses for one more shot but more plastic for one more surgery,
Fewer worries to have but greater debts to owe,
Bright lights but dim faces,
Shiny beaches but dark alleys,
Welcome to Miami where you can find everything you need,
but sometimes you’ll find nothing at all.

Pitbull says that the actual letters in the word Miami stand for “Money Is A Major Issue.” We live in a city that says money will take away all of our problems, pain, and the deeper questions of our lives.
God, help us to be a people to use this very gift for your kingdom. Instead of the passion and lies of money, Jesus give us the freedom and joy of generosity.

We live in one of the most sexual and sensual places. A city where people think more sex equals more fulfillment and more of that fulfillment will give us ultimate satisfaction.
God, help us be a people to use this very gift for your kingdom. Instead of the addictions and abuses of sex, Jesus give us the joy and freedom of relationships.

We live in a city claiming that the more power you have, then the more control you have over people’s lives. Everyone just wants to be known and our status and fame form our identity.
God help us be a people to use this very gift for you kingdom. Instead of the hunger and selfishness for power, Jesus give us the joy and freedom of humility.

God, despite the imperfections and imbalances of our city, let us see that you love Miami the way you love us. And you are already redeeming Miami the way you are redeeming us.
Because we love God,
We love you Miami!

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