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The Good Life

Rhythm Team

We all have different tastes and likes. This is true for music, food, art, and movies. But there’s one thing that every one of us has in common: we all want to be happy. Have you ever met a person who wants to live a lame life?

We all want to live with meaning and purpose. We want our lives to be filled with happiness, and we want that for those we love. A recent poll asked the question, “What did your parents want most for you – success, wealth, to be a good person, or happiness?” Eighty-five percent said happiness.

Many of the old devotional writers used “happiness” to describe the good and virtuous life. True happiness meant that a person was also good. John Wesley once said, “You cannot be happy without being holy.” So how can we attain such a life? How do we make sure that we’re not settling for a lame life? Come join us on Sunday evenings as we talk about the good life and how to have it.

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