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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Lots of Love for you Miami

Rhythm Team

In Jeremiah 29, God tells us to seek the welfare of the city in which we dwell. This means we’re called to not just live in the city, but to love the city. Take a minute to slow down and pray for our city and its people.

You see the beauty that lies beyond our brokenness.
Lord, help us see beyond the brokenness of Miami to the beauty that lies beneath.

In your amazing grace, You forgave all our sins and the sins of all who are repentant.
Lord, make us instruments of your forgiveness as we show the grace you showed us to our fellow Miamians.

Through your death and resurrection, You created new life in us.
Lord, let us die to ourselves and instead seek the common good of Miami above our own comfort and desires.

You created every language and tongue, and you hear the cries of all your children.
Lord, make us an instrument of your love, patience, and peace to all people in Miami.

You renew us daily and promise to complete the work you began in us.
Lord, renew in us daily a steadfast spirit to love Miami.

You defend the cause of the fatherless and the widow.
Lord, make us instruments of your justice in Miami.

You tell us to love the foreigners residing among us.
Lord, make us instruments of your love to all ethnicities, races, religions and classes of Miamians.

O Lord, you love everything and everybody in Miami. Miami is yours. Help us to be your hands and feet in our city and communities.
May your kingdom come and your will be done in Miami.
Que tu reino venga a Miami (Spanish)
Venha o teu reino a Miami (Portuguese)
Vin tabli gouvènman ou Miami (Creole)

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