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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Rule of Life

Rhythm Team

We invite you to pray and discern about renewing your commitment to the Rule of Life or taking it on with us for the first time on December 14th. When someone asks how they can “be a part of Rhythm,” our first response is simply to say, Come have a seat at the table. We’d love for you to take part in everything we do. If you want in, you’re in. However, if the question they’re asking is “How do I commit myself to this community and its way of life?” – then we encourage them to consider our Rule of Life.

Below are the four values that the Rule is formed around, but we encourage you to download our Rule of Life Guide & FAQ for the fuller context and explanation. You also can listen to a teaching about the Rule of Life. If you’re interested in taking on the Rule or learning more, send us an email.

The Rule

✠ Because God is to be worshipped and treasured above all things, we commit to loving God in all aspects of our life, and pursuing Him individually and communally through spiritual practices and holy habits including prayer, scripture, gathered worship, and Sabbath rest.

✠ Because God’s desire is to bring His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, we commit to joining God in the renewal of all things, loving our neighbors and serving them well, sharing the good news of the gospel with others, and seeking the welfare of our city.

✠ Because Jesus is Lord, we commit to following Him in all areas of life including our money, our sexuality, and our power, and to showing our city how money, sex, and power can be used in life-giving ways.

✠ Because the Trinity binds us together in community, we commit to being there for one another, sharing our resources, speaking life into each other, resolving conflict in a restorative way, and practicing hospitality in tangible ways.

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