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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Praying in the New Year

Rhythm Team

As a church we have much to celebrate from the previous year and much to anticipate for 2016. In the midst of our celebration of the past and excitement for the new, take a moment to pray for Miami. In Jeremiah 29, God tells us to seek the welfare and shalom of the city in which we dwell. In the end, our goal is not to have a great church but a great city.

The following prayers were written by our community. We invite you to start the new year with us by praying for Miami and its people.

Holy God, we thank you for the beauty of this city – both in nature and in what your creation has created. We are blessed to live around such a diverse beauty. We pray that the people of Miami would recognize this beauty and give you praise for it.

Almighty God, we pray for all the migrant workers in the city. Many work in hotels, restaurants, or clean homes. We pray for their well-being and that they would be treated with dignity. Care for them as strangers in a foreign land.

Jesus, we pray for all the teachers in Miami. Being a teacher here has its challenges. We pray that you would encourage our teachers and refresh them as they prepare for the spring semester.

Dear Lord, we pray for Wynwood and all the artists in the city. Thank you for the beauty and creativity coming out of Miami today. We pray that artists in our city would know the Author of creativity and would use their work as a way to show your glory.

Our Father, we pray for all the religious people in Miami who try to earn your approval through their devotion and good works. Please break through their layers of religiosity with the warmth of your love and the power of your grace. Show our friends and family that Christianity is not about a religion but rather a relationship.

Loving God, we pray for all the lonely single people in the city. May friendships be offered to them, and may they come in contact with genuine Christian community that welcomes them with open arms.

Dear Lord, we pray for your one Church in this city to be strengthened this year. As we gather throughout the week at different times and in different places to worship you, may you align our hearts toward your mission and more toward unity. Let us encourage and spur one another one – and may our unity be a benefit to the city.

Holy God, we pray for the young people in our city, specifically those in middle school and high school. There are many lures and temptations that come along with growing up in Miami. We pray that you would counter these temptations by showing our young people the pleasure and delight of knowing you intimately.

Jesus, we pray for Miami’s government officials, the mayor, and the five city commissioners. We pray that they would truly be “civil servants” and do what is best for the city. Help them to act with integrity and humility, and to remember the poor and others who are often forgotten about.

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