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In Tune

Rhythm Team

If you’ve ever heard someone tuning a violin then you know it’s not the most glorious sound. Actually it can sound a bit annoying. They’re tightening the strings and listening closely, trying to align everything just right. And though we might not pay much attention to this tuning process, it’s absolutely necessary in order for the violin to produce the sounds it was made for. Only if it’s tuned in to the right pitch can a beautiful melody be played on its strings.

In a similar way, we as humans were created to live a certain way and play a particular melody. But this is only possibly if we’re in tune with the heart of our Creator and are living in the rhythm of his kingdom. That’s when we can really groove and human life can flourish.

In this new sermon series we’re going to take time to tune ourselves in to the pitch and melody we were made for – loving God with all that we are and joining him in the renewal of all things. We want this rhythm of worship and mission to define our lives, we want it to be the beautiful song that we play in our city and world.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am as we tune in to the Father’s heart and kingdom.

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