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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami


Rhythm Team

As we go along in life we all develop a particular picture of God. We may view him as a cosmic killjoy who’s obsessed with rules and restrictions. Or we may see him as a distant deity who’s largely unconcerned with human life. God may be to us an angry tyrant from whose judgment we flee, or the pushover parent who will indulge us no matter what we do. But one thing is certain – what we think about God profoundly shapes the way we live.

In his book, The Good and Beautiful God, James Bryan Smith suggests that our particular ideas about God are formed fairly early in life. They get shaped by the narratives and experiences of our family, our society, and the religious circles we’ve been a part of. These understandings of God, “once in place,” writes Smith, “determine much of our behavior” whether they are accurate and helpful or not. “Once these stories are stored in our minds, they stay there largely unchallenged until we die.” It is, therefore, tremendously important that we have in our minds a true picture and understanding of who God is.

Join us for this new series as we look to Scripture to gain a fresh vision of who the living God is. The Bible paints a picture of a God who is pulsing with goodness and power and love and beauty. This is the glorious God that Jesus came to reveal us to. And knowing God’s true character and heart makes all the difference in the world.

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