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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Baptism Sunday

Rhythm Team

At Rhythm we don’t just do baptisms. We do baptism parties. On May 15th we’re initiating a group of friends into our community through the ancient Christian practice of immersion in water. Get ready to clap and make some noise. This is a time to cheer our friends on and celebrate what Christ has and is doing in their lives.

In preparation for baptism, these folks underwent a three-month mentorship program to help them understand how to live as disciples of Jesus. They each were given a mentor from our community and asked to complete a list of learning activities. These ranged from studying scripture together to serving soup to the poor. The goal was not just to learn about the faith but to live it out together.

If you’re interested in being baptized in the future or have any questions, email Liz Sastre.

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