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Leadership Transition

Rhythm Team

After five and half years of serving at Rhythm Church, co-founder Keas Keasler has heard God’s direction to step down as Teaching Pastor so he and Sarah can take a professor position at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. Rhythm’s Guidance Team has been involved in this process and affirms this new calling. We are deeply grateful for Keas’ and Sarah’s time among us and pray blessings upon their ministry together in Wichita.

We encourage you to listen to Keas’ sermon where he shares the fuller context of how this came about, as well as his confidence about the future of Rhythm. Below are some answers to questions about our leadership transition this summer.

What are the Keaslers being called to do?
Keas will become the Assistant Professor of Christian Spiritual Formation at Friends University, a Christian liberal arts college. He will be teaching undergraduate students as well as helping build a Master’s program for higher-level thinking in the field of Christian discipleship and formation. Sarah will be pursuing her master’s degree in business administration (MBA) at Friends University.

Did something bad happen that is causing the Keaslers to leave?
No. Something really good has happened. Keas and Sarah have sensed a call to serve the Church in a different way for this next season of life, and that calling has been affirmed and blessed by Rhythm’s pastors and Guidance Team.

We also don’t see this primarily as the Keaslers leaving Rhythm. It has more to do with being called into something else, which entails them leaving Rhythm and us saying goodbye.

When is the big send off?
July 31 will be the Keaslers’ final Sunday with Rhythm. Keas will be preaching that Sunday and we will pray over them together as their community. And we’re also having a big party to celebrate them as they go! The party is that Sunday from 5-7 pm at 22 Merrick Way in Coral Gables.

Will we see the Keaslers again?
Absolutely! Keas and Sarah are part of the wider Rhythm family and are planning on visiting us whenever they can.

Who is leading Rhythm through this transitional season?
Rhythm’s Guidance Team (GT) is playing the leading role in navigating this transitional season for Rhythm, communicating with the larger congregation, and discerning our next steps. The GT is what the New Testament describes as elders and overseers. The GT provides spiritual guidance, organizational oversight, theological direction, prayer, and cultivation of our unique vision.

Current GT members are: Matt Alexander, Liz Sastre, Lisa Heath, Luana Faria, Evette Alexander, and Paul Olver.

What will leadership at Rhythm look like this summer?
Rhythm’s staff, including pastors Matt and Liz, will continue in their roles. Keas will continue in his role through the end of July.

Is Rhythm going to hire a new pastor?
The Guidance Team is in a season of research, planning, and discernment. We will seek counsel from the Ecclesia Network as we outline Rhythm’s next steps. The GT will keep the congregation updated as this develops.

It is worth noting that Rhythm has been growing in every dimension and the community is the healthiest and strongest it has ever been. We are confident that God has great things ahead for Rhythm. So let’s all pray and stay tuned to see where the Spirit will lead us.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
Please contact any of the Guidance Team (click on their names below to email) with any questions, concerns, or suggestions that you may have.

Matt Alexander
Liz Sastre
Lisa Heath
Luana Faria
Evette Aleaxander
Paul Olver

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