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Rhythm Team

There’s a lot of talk about hope these days. We hope that we pass the test. We hope that our children behave. We hope for financial security. We are encouraged to hope for a better future. But what does it actually mean to hope? And what does the Bible say about where we should find hope? In this three-part sermon series, we will study different Scriptures that speak of the hope that followers of Jesus have in Christ.

Ways to Participate in the Series

1. Read and meditate on the scripture passage in preparation for each message. Use lectio divina as a way to read the passages. Download a lectio divina guide.

  • September 11 – Romans 15:1-13
  • September 18 – Psalm 33:16-22
  • September 25 – Jeremiah 29:1-14

2. Do a Scripture study on “hope”, tracing the theme of hope through the Old and New Testaments (we recommend using to search for biblical passages on hope).

3. Write out a prayer for Rhythm, write a poem, draw a picture or bring a photo that illustrates biblical hope (hope grounded in God) during the next 3 weeks to create a canvas of hope.

4.  Bring one item/package each week for our friends living on 14th Street.

  • September 18 – A new package of mens underwear
  • September 25 – A sheet or light blanket
  • October 2 – A pair of new or gently used comfortable/durable shoes (mens’ sizes especially) or pair of jeans

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