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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Let’s Dance

Rhythm Team

The Christian life isn’t about believing all the right stuff or living by a set of moral principles. That doesn’t come close to capturing what being a Christian is all about. The Christian life is much more like being swept into a divine dance with the living God. The Divine Dance is a mentorship program to help those who want to be baptized or who have never been mentored in the Christian life, understand and more fully experience this dance they’re now a part of.

Each person going through this program is given a “dance instructor.” This is a normal, everyday man or woman from our congregation who has experience in living the Christian life. You can’t learn how to dance with only books; you learn through observing good dancers and trying it for yourself. Similarly, the manner in which most of us became Christian was by looking over someone’s shoulder, emulating some admired older Christian, and saying yes to and taking up a way of life that was made real and accessible through the witness of someone else. So the best way to learn the divine dance is through practicing with those already moving to God’s groove.

Over a three month period, the dancers and instructors will be working through a one-page list of learning activities – or to keep the analogy going, dance exercises. These range from studying scripture together to serving soup to the poor. The goal is not just to learn about the faith but to live it out together.

The Divine Dance is kicking off in mid-February for the spring! If you’re interested in doing the Divine Dance in the spring, email Matt Alexander for more information.

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