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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami


Rhythm Team

Realign is a sermon series that is not simply about getting your finances in order by getting on a budget and getting out of debt, but about getting our relationships with God, ourselves and others back on track so that we can manage our money better for a greater impact! Powerful change happens in our lives when God is brought into every financial decision as we learn to say yes to His plans instead of living for ourselves.

Every person is meant to walk closely with God by allowing Him into their financial decisions, and experiencing more peace and purpose in their day to day lives.

In this five-week sermon series, we will focus our minds and hearts on being aligned with God and managing our resources to see a great impact for God’s Kingdom. If you want to go deeper in this series on God and money, download our Going Deeper Guide for suggestions on how to learn and experiment with the material.

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