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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Whole-Life Formation

Rhythm Team

Following Jesus is more than believing the right things and having good information about God. It is a lifestyle of on-going formation by Jesus and in his Way.

Over the years, Rhythm has crafted or adapted various practices, postures, and tools to help people experience whole-life formation in Jesus. Many of these practices are fleshed out in our communal Rhythm of Life.

We become formed over time through our experiences, relationships, and habits. Spiritual practices and holy habits fueled with the energy of Jesus can shape and re-shape our hearts, desires, and lives to reflect Jesus more and more. Our job is to partner with Jesus in our own formation – to put in time, focus, energy, and love.

Each month, we will highlight a practice and/or tool to help you pursue deeper formation in Jesus and his Way. October and November’s practice is Spiritual Friendship.

Spiritual Friendship description and guide

We encourage you to try out the practice, discuss the experience with others, and experience the life of God.

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