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Rhythm Team

The book of Acts is the story of the birth of the church but it’s really much more than that.

Acts was written by Luke and is a continuation of the story Luke is telling about Jesus. We see what God is doing through Jesus in Luke and then we see what God is doing through the church in Acts. The unifying force in both books is the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.

Join us on Sunday mornings this summer as we journey through Acts 13-20. We are continuing in an extended sermon series through Acts, now with the third movement (chs. 13-20).

Going Deeper

Below are several ideas of ways to “go deeper” in this sermon series. These are simply suggestions – feel free to adapt, tweak, or try out other creative ideas as you process the preaching and teaching from Public Worship!

  • Watch the Bible Project’s video on Acts 13-20.
  • Read and meditate on the scripture passages from Acts listed below (these are the passages we’ll be preaching through at Public Worship this fall). Use lectio divina as a way to read and encounter God in these passages. Download a lectio divina guide.

    6/23     Acts 13:1-12

          6/30    Acts 14:8-20

7/7       Acts 15:1-35

           7/14      Acts 16:16-40

           7/21     Acts 17:1-9

           7/28     Acts 17:16-34

           8/11     Acts 19:1-22

           8/18    Acts 19:23-41

          8/25     Acts 20:13-28


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