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Justice Devotional

Rhythm Team

Rhythm is in a teaching series on Sunday mornings called Love in Public: Jesus, Justice, & Making All Things New. We’ve created a devotional guide of daily Scripture readings for people to use to encounter God and the biblical vision of justice and renewal. We encourage you to spend time daily with each Scripture passage and to engage with it in a slow, prayerful way. Below are the daily readings and some basic guidelines on how to engage with them.


Lectio Divina is a prayerful way of engaging Scripture and has movements that flow naturally from one to another.

Prepare yourself to receive from God. Slow down, relax, and intentionally release the chaos and noise in your mind to him.


Read the passage slowly, allowing the words to resonate and settle in your heart. As you do, listen with the ear of your heart for a word, phrase, or detail that stands out to you.


Read the passage a second time slowly. As you do, linger on the word or phrase that stands out to you. Sit with the word or phrase and savor it as a word of God for you.


Read the passage a third time, listening attentively. Now is the moment to enter into a personal dialogue with God. There is no right or wrong way to do this.


Deeply receive God’s Word and rest in his presence and love. Give yourself some time to wait and be still before you reenter life as usual. Take God’s Word to you with you throughout the day.


MAY 5  DAY 1/ Micah 6:8

             DAY 2/ Luke 4:14-20

             DAY 3/ Psalm 146

             DAY 4/ Matthew 25:35-40

             DAY 5/ Zechariah 7:8-9

             DAY 6/ Acts 2:42-47

             DAY 7/ Deuteronomy 10:17-19

MAY 12 DAY 8/ Matthew 12:15-21

             DAY 9/ Jeremiah 22:1-5

             DAY 10/ James 1:27

             DAY 11/ Job 29:12-17

             DAY 12/ Matthew 5:3-12

             DAY 13/ Psalm 33:1-5

             DAY 14/ Colossians 1:15-20

MAY 19 DAY 15/ Isaiah 32:16-18

             DAY 16/ Matthew 23:23-24

             DAY 17/ Job 31:13-23

             DAY 18/ Mark 1:29-34

             DAY 19/ Jeremiah 9:23-24

             DAY 20/ Matthew 4:23-25

             DAY 21/ Psalm 72:1-2

MAY 26 DAY 22/ James 2:14-19

             DAY 23/ Amos 5:21-24

             DAY 24/ Matthew 5:38-48

             DAY 25/ Isaiah 58:1-14

             DAY 26/ Acts 4:34-37

             DAY 27/ Exodus 22:21-24

             DAY 28/ Romans 14:17-19

JUNE 2 DAY 29/ Psalm 85:10-13

             DAY 30/ Revelation 21:1-5

             DAY 31/ Deuteronomy 15:1-8

             DAY 32/ Luke 14:15-24

             DAY 33/ Isaiah 30:18

             DAY 34/ Matthew 6:33

             DAY 35/ Deuteronomy 24:19-22

JUNE 9 DAY 36/ Luke 10:25-37


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