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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Rhythm of Life

Rhythm exists to form and grow disciples of Jesus who join God in the renewal of Miami. Disciple begin to form as they experience the transforming life and love of Jesus for the first time and begin to take steps towards Jesus. Disciples start to grow as they concretely apprentice themselves to Jesus, his way, and his rhythms. And that’s exactly why Rhythm has a Rhythm of Life.

In 2012 a group of about 20 leaders in Rhythm gathered to discuss and discern what it could mean for us to have a robust community life centered around Jesus. Rhythm chose to develop a Rhythm of Life to express the shape of our life together. We believe the church is not a club bound by exclusive membership – instead, it is a community on mission bound together by the good news of Jesus and his kingdom. We are to be “partners in the gospel” (Philippians 1:5), called to a shared life and a shared mission.

A Rhythm of Life helps us root our lives in Jesus and his core “rhythms” (worship, mission, surrender, community). A life in Christ calls for dying to self and living in the Spirit. We are to “put on the Lord Christ Jesus” (Romans 13:14). Following Jesus doesn’t happen accidentally – we need to have concrete rhythms that continually form and transform our hearts, desires, thoughts, and actions.

Below is a fuller explanation of the Rhythm of Life, along with descriptions of the core rhythms and practices that we’re committing to as a community. We’ve also listed the biblical passages that inform each of the four rhythms. This is meant to be a framework for freedom, providing healthy boundaries while leaving plenty of room for flexibility and personalization.

We encourage you to download our Rhythm of Life Guide.

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