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October 31st, 2018

Rhythm Team

Rhythm will not be meeting for Public Worship this Sunday, November 4 because we will be in LaBelle, FL on the Pilgrimage Retreat!

See you next Sunday, November 11 to continue in our sermon series on Acts!

Poured Out

October 24th, 2018

Rhythm Team

“Poured Out” was written and crafted by Terri Dewey as she prepared to preach on Acts 2. You can listen to the sermon audio here.

Poured Out

the presence of God has left the building

the Spirit has been given

…to daughters, sons, servants and slaves,
immigrants, outsiders, the barren,
widows and divorced, abused, neglected,
the single and the spouses,
pastors and politicians,
janitors and judges,
the oppressor and the oppressed

the presence of God has moved outside walls
…across borders, political parties & behind enemy lines
        into the hood and outside the corner store, 

            beyond the box of religious duty & fearful obedience

the wind blew and filled the whole house
the breath of heaven was a violent, crazy sound
         not restrained and timid
the fire of the holy, good, beautiful, lovely and sweet
that only could be encountered from a distance
came to rest like a tiny flame on every single person

the Spirit was given
     all of them were filled
the Spirit poured out
     and all began to speak
     in languages, in words, in power
the language of each pilgrim 

who came from all the world

to worship in one temple, one city, one holy ground
but every Jewish pilgrim, from every nation, heard the sound
the presence of God outside
          outside the walls
          outside what they had been taught
          outside their systems
          outside the holy temple
the presence of God encountered
          right on the street
           the common somehow sacred
           where heaven meets with me

where the Spirit of the Lord is…
          there is forgiveness and there is freedom
          there is healing, a home where we belong

our human spaces changing
          through our risen King
          and these wonder-things
          point us back to You
          so we will worship
                  when we serve, or when we sit
                  when we give, when we forgive
                  when we work, and when we rest

the sinful now forgiven
Your temples washed in You
Your Spirit has been given 
            and what we know
            is what we will speak
            what we have seen 
            is what we can speak
 Your temples, we can speak
            we work, we dance, we sing
            we are alive

            holy, breathing things

You are crafting us together
             Your people, we gather, we go
              we pray, we eat, we sing
Your presence left a building
              You’re living now in me 

Vowed Community Renewal

September 16th, 2018

Rhythm Team

We are inviting anyone who wants to commit to following Jesus with Rhythm to do so during Public Worship on Sunday, October 7.

We believe that God calls us to commit ourselves not only to Christ, but also to following Jesus with a local expression of his Body, the church. Our community is one expression of the body of Christ in our city. When you ask how can I “be a part of Rhythm,” our first response is simply to say, “Come have a seat at the table. We’d love for you to take part in everything we do. If you want in, you’re in.” However, if the question you’re asking is “How do I live as a disciple of Jesus, commit myself to this community, and participate in the mission?” – then we invite you to consider becoming part of the Vowed Community.

Joining the Vowed Community is a great step to take if you are a follower of Jesus and see Rhythm as your “church home.” The Vowed Community are the people in Rhythm who are ready to say, “This is my church! I want to follow Jesus with these people and to invest in this community.”

Below are two documents that help to articulate more about Rhythm and what it means to join the Vowed Community:

Joining the Vowed Community 101 gives a basic overview of Rhythm’s history, purpose, the Rhythm of Life, and the commitments of being part of the Vowed Community. Everyone considering making this commitment needs to read this short document.

Joining the Vowed Community 201 is a deeper explanation of Rhythm’s theology, core convictions, leadership structure, and strategy. This is a much longer, more detailed document.

On Sunday, September 23 we are facilitating a Q&A luncheon for anyone considering joining the Vowed Community. The pastors will spend time sharing about Rhythm’s history, values, and purpose and answer any questions. If you want to attend, please email Lauren no later than Friday, September 21.

If you have made this commitment in the past and do not have any questions, then simply communicate with one of the pastors about continuing your commitment.

Whether you are renewing your commitment or joining for the first time, please confirm with one of the pastors of your final decision by Sunday, September 30.

September 10th, 2018

Rhythm Team

DNA is deep inside each one of us – it’s what makes us who we are. Every person has unique DNA and so does every church. Rhythm has a unique story, identity, and purpose that gives us clarity about who we are but also what we’ve been called to do together in Miami.

Join us for this four-week series in September as we refresh our minds and hearts in what it looks like to be a disciple-making church together.

Pilgrimage Retreat

August 30th, 2018

Rhythm Team

Rhythm is going on a pilgrimage retreat this fall to play, pray, and personalize the Rhythm of Life.

Retreating has been an important practice for Christians since Jesus’ time. Christ often invited his disciples to retreat with him so that they could recover their lives through rest, prayer, and community. Getting away for a few days with other followers of Jesus helps us to experience the deeper soul rest that we all hunger and long for.

Anyone who is part of the Rhythm community is invited to join us this year, November 2-4 in LaBelle, FL (about 2 hr and 30 min drive from Miami) for the Pilgrimage.

Registration and deposits must be submitted online no later than Sunday, September 30 to secure your spot on the Pilgrimage. Check out more details below.


Dates and Location

November 2-4, 2018 (Friday evening – Sunday early afternoon)

Riverside Retreat Center
7305 Co Rd 78
LaBelle, FL 33935


$116/adult for Indoor Lodging
$54/adult for Outdoor Camping

Children under 10 are free.

Costs including lodging for 2 nights, all meals, snacks, and retreat activities (transportation not included).

Deposits are due no later than Sunday, September 30 and the full payment is due no later than Sunday, October 28.

Lodging Descriptions

Indoor Lodging – this option includes staying inside an air-conditioned building with restrooms and bunk-bed rooms. Individuals/families are responsible for bringing their own pillow and linens.

Outdoor Camping – this option includes a campsite area to set-up a tent. Individuals/families are responsible for bringing their own camping gear.


A Morning with Gary Francis

August 28th, 2018

Rhythm Team

Rhythm is excited to have Gary Francis with us on September 2nd. Gary is the Youth Coordinator for Touching Miami with Love, an inner city ministry that works with children, students, and families in the Overtown community.  He has a masters degree in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Seminary and is the author of Where’s My Father, a memoir style book that is filled with stories of seeking and finding God in persons, places, and things both expected and unexpected.

Join us at 10:30 am on Sunday, September 2nd as Gary shares about his own journey of following Jesus and finding God in unexpected places.

Servant Teams

August 25th, 2018

Rhythm Team

Rhythm is looking for a few new folks to help serve our community on Sunday mornings in different areas of Public Worship. This is a great way to get connected to others in our community and serve alongside one another. Please contact Lauren to learn more about serving once a month with hospitality, set-up and tear down, or with Rhythm Kids!

Summer Study Groups

May 30th, 2018

Rhythm Team

This summer Rhythm is facilitating three study groups on different themes and topics. Each group will focus on a significant discipleship topic and we’d love for you to participate! Each person will need to register for each group by contacting the respective contact person.

Sabbath and Rest

Wednesday’s, 6:45–8:30 pm (June 13 – August 2)
Do you have the STBs? Are you Stressed? Tired? Busy? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these, you may have the STBs. There’s good news, God has provided a treatment, a rhythm of rest, called the Sabbath the practice of resting. Discussions about the Sabbath often center around moral laws and arguments over whether a person should be able to play cards or buy beer on Sundays. This study will challenge traditional conceptions of the Sabbath, providing you with a robust theology and practical tools. God doesn’t just want us to live fragmented lives, but rather he wants us to become a whole person and a whole society. With this perspective, Sabbath can be the starting point for a life that breaks the restless cycle of a demanding culture and allows you to focus on what is truly important: God, people, and His creation.

This group will meet in Coral Gables at Graziano’s Market (2301 Galiano St). Contact Francisco or Liz for more information.

The Book of Colossians

Thursday’s, 7:30–9:30 pm (June 14 – August 3)
In the book of Colossians, Paul addresses problems the Church faces and encourages believers to remain devoted to the exalted Jesus. Because of Jesus’ position as the firstborn and head of the body and because of His resurrection, they are reconciled to God, free from the law and able to live transformed lives. They are joined to Jesus as new creations and are part of His new multi-ethnic family. As members of the new humanity, no part of their human existence remains untouched by the loving and liberating rule of Jesus. Their suffering, temptation to compromise, moral character and the power dynamic in their home must all be re-examined and can be transformed.

This group will meet at Whole Foods in South Miami (6701 Red Rd). Contact John for more information.

Restorative Justice & Jubilee

Tuesday’s, 7-9 pm (July 3 – July 31)
This class will develop an understanding of biblical ethics that centers on God’s plan to preserve the spiritual, social, and economic welfare of his people. The focus of study will be anchored in the Old Testament concept of Jubilee and the elements of Old Testament law that are intended to intersect the community spiritual, social, and economic life of God’s people. Biblical textual and contextual study will be a core discipline of the course.

*** Rhythm is hosting this as a satellite course at the Center for Social Change (2103 Coral Way). The live presentation will occur in Tampa, FL and Rhythm will participate via satellite feed. Contact Lauren for more information and to sign-up.

A Morning with Mark Scandrette

April 8th, 2018

Rhythm Team

Rhythm is excited to have Mark Scandrette with us on April 29th. Mark is an author, speaker, activist, and networker among innovative Christian leaders. He is the founding director of ReIMAGINE: A Center for Integral Christian Practice based in San Francisco, where he leads an annual series of retreats, Learning Labs and projects designed to help participants integrate the teachings of Jesus into all aspects of life through shared practices and intentional community experiments. He and his wife Lisa and their three children live in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Mark has written numerous books that can be found HERE.

Join us at 10:30 am on April 29th as Mark shares his own journey of raising a family in the urban core of San Francisco and what it can look like for a family to flourish in the way of Jesus.

Newcomers Lunch

March 26th, 2018

Rhythm Team

If you are new to Rhythm we’d love to connect with you! Newcomers Lunch is specifically designed for people who have recently connected to Rhythm and want to learn a bit more about our story, vision, and ways to integrate into the life of the community.

Come have lunch, meet the pastors, and make some new friends!

Please email Lauren Fernandez by Friday, June 8th for more information and to attend on Sunday, June 10.