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Welcome Lauren!

December 4th, 2017

Rhythm Team

In September 2017 Rhythm’s leadership began a public search process for a half-time pastoral role. Over the past four months, both the temporary Search Team (ST) and Guidance Team have spent considerable time, prayer, and dialogue in the pastoral search process.

Rhythm’s GT and temporary ST are excited to announce that we unanimously recommend that Lauren Fernandez join Rhythm’s pastoral team!

We believe Lauren is a fantastic candidate for this pastoral position and believe God has led her to serve and lead Rhythm during this season of our church’s life. We are thankful for God’s quick provision for Rhythm and are excited to take the next faith step as a community!

Both the GT and ST are very encouraged by the spirit of unity and enthusiasm within the leadership throughout the search, interview, and hiring process. In Christian tradition, unity is a fundamental marker that God’s direction has been discerned. Please pray that we continue “being one in spirit and of one mind” (Philippians 2:2) as we seek God’s direction for our community. 

Please read Lauren’s bio and Q&A about her pastoral role.

SheLeads Summit

October 6th, 2017

Rhythm Team

It’s time for women and men together to rediscover God’s vision for shared leadership in the Church and Christian ministry.

When we lead together, we see the family of God restored.
When we lead together, we learn a new vocabulary for mission.
When we lead together, we better reflect the person of Christ.
When we lead together, we more fully embody Jesus’ gospel.

Out of these convictions, Missio Alliance has created the SheLeads Summit.

The Summit exists to encourage and equip our sisters and to welcome our brothers as we imagine together where God is leading His Church, for the blessing of the nations.

Will you join us for this honest, grace-filled and hopeful conversation?

Rhythm Church and First Presbyterian Church of Miami are pleased to host this live-stream video presentation and workshop created by Missio Alliance.

The summit costs $20 per person (before October 27) and you can REGISTER HERE. The cost covers the cost of coffee, snacks, lunch, and a copy of the new book Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry.

There are only 20 available registration spots so REGISTER NOW!

Celebration & Commissioning

March 16th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Rhythm’s Guidance Team (GT) is pleased to announce Matt Alexander, Rhythm’s co-founder and current Shepherding Pastor, as the new Lead Pastor of Rhythm Church. Over the last seven months, the GT has been in a season of prayer and discernment about Rhythm’s leadership. This decision involves a change in pastoral leadership structure for Rhythm and job description for Pastor Matt. The GT is humbled by how God has led and provided for our church, and excited to continue seeking God’s direction for Rhythm. This decision will help move Rhythm forward in it’s mission and vision. Please pray for Pastor Matt as he shifts his role and takes on greater responsibility.

To learn more about the GT’s discernment process as well as answers to some common questions, please read the Discernment Timeline and Common Questions

On Sunday, March 26th, we will be commissioning Pastor Matt into this new role and celebrate with refreshments after the worship service. Please see Invitation

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