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Living in the Rhythm of God's Kingdom.

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Supper Clubs

August 14th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Supper Clubs are spaces of formation, community, and mission. It’s a community that loves each other like family, challenges one another to grow in Jesus, and lives on mission together. Rhythm’s Rule of Life is our primary formational tool that we utilize in Supper Clubs. We grow as apprentices of Jesus as we practice his way with others, instead of trying to do it on our own. Supper Clubs are spaces of safety and stretching – it’s safe to be vulnerable, but the stretching happens as we take new challenging steps with Jesus. We need a space to be stretched in actually practicing the way of Jesus.

Supper Clubs are not primarily a Bible study, although we will be talking about Scripture and how it impacts our lives. Supper Clubs are not primarily a prayer group, although we will spend time in prayer and opening ourselves to the Spirit. Supper Clubs are not primarily a sharing group, although we will be sharing what we’re learning. 

Supper Clubs are discipleship spaces for holistic growth in Christ – our head, hearts, and hands.

These groups are closed – it’s a semester by semester commitment, so please prioritize the times that your group meets. Supper Clubs meet every other week, beginning the first week of September and normally have 10-12 people.  Each group is responsible for dinner and everyone is expected to participate in helping provide the meal. And there’s homework. Your growth will be directly tied to your investment in the homework.

Email Matt Alexander if you are interested in learning more about being part of a Supper Club this fall!

Leading Towards Multicultural Ministry

May 9th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Do you desire to see your church or ministry experience more diversity? Do you have a passion to reach people across the racial and cultural divides in our culture? What does it mean for followers of Jesus to practice reconciliation?

Rhythm Church and Touching Miami with Love are pleased to host a presentation and workshop led by Pastor Darryl Williamson on pursuing multicultural diversity in local churches and ministries.

This workshop costs $10 per person (before June 9) and you can REGISTER HERE. The cost increases to $15 per person at the door on June 10.

Anyone who is interested in these subjects is welcome to participate!

Darryl Williamson is the Lead Pastor at Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, FL, where he led the church’s transition from a primarily middle-aged African American membership to becoming multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-generational. Darryl and Living Faith started Arise City, a ministry focused on developing missionary leaders for the American and global urban context. Darryl has spoken at conferences in the US and West Africa on the relationship between the gospel and justice, biblical ethics, multi-cultural ministry, missions strategy, leadership development, and spiritual transformation.

Workshop Description:
This workshop will focus on two vital aspects in leading a mono-cultural church or ministry to becoming a multicultural fellowship. We will first consider how a vision is cast and communicated for a multicultural movement. Thought will be given as to how and why a multicultural focus should be central to the church or ministry’s overarching strategy and identity. We will then discuss implementation, specifically the importance of cross-cultural discipleship, developing leadership diversity, changing expectations around traditions, along with enduring doubt, opposition, and attrition.

Giving Dangerously

February 1st, 2017

Rhythm Team

Let’s be honest, talking about money is tricky business. We’re skeptical of people’s motivations, unsure of how to best handle our resources, wary of being manipulated, and fearful of not having enough. We’ve got issues when it comes to money.

Jesus’ dream and desire is for us live free, vibrant, generous lives. But what does it mean to be financially generous? What are barriers we all face towards growing in generosity? How should we practically give? How can giving impact my life? In this four-part sermon series, we will explore these questions and what it means for us to trust God with money, experience freedom, and grow in generosity.

January 2nd, 2017

Rhythm Team

To start off 2017, Rhythm is talking about what it means to a church that Loves God and Loves Miami. We live in one of the most vibrant and interesting cities in the world. Miami is known for its diversity, creativity, and beauty. But it’s also known for its seductiveness and shallowness. We’re doing a sermon series about the unique opportunities and challenges of living the faith in Miami. God loves this city and we want to participate in his healing mission here!

Along with the sermons, our liturgy in worship will be centered around following Jesus here in this place and time. We’ll also hear stories from different people in our community – some born here, others new here – about how they’re striving to see more of God’s kingdom come to our city.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am for the next four weeks!

We’re encouraging everyone to participate in this sermon series in 3 ways:

  1. Use the Miami Prayer Map to pray for the city. Put it somewhere that you’ll see it everyday and grow your heart for Miami.
  2. Participate in the social healing of God’s kingdom by inviting someone to connect with Rhythm on a Sunday morning or with your Community Group. Invite others to experience God’s community.
  3. Take a picture of you in your “parish” (work, neighborhood, or school) and post it on Facebook or Instagram with #lovegodlovemiami. To learn more about a “parish” listen to this sermon.

Movie: “13th”

November 2nd, 2016

Rhythm Team

As we continue our conversations on racial reconciliation, Rhythm invites you to a movie night to watch Netflix’s original film, “13th,” addressing race and the mass incarceration problem in our country. 

Join us on Friday, Nov 18th at 7:00 PM at TML (711 NW 6th Ave, Miami, FL 33136). Bring a friend and a movie snack to share. For more info contact Liz

Plan A

August 13th, 2016

Rhythm Team

Why does the church exist?

If you asked ten people what they think the purpose of the church is, you’d probably get ten different responses! Each of us has our own set of experiences, hopes, desires, expectations, and plans when it comes to the local church. In this four-part sermon series, we will study the New Testament description of the church and give practical vision for what it means for Rhythm to accomplish our mission in this season.

Story of Wonder

February 15th, 2016

Rhythm Team

We learn in 1 Chronicles 16 that telling stories of God’s goodness and giving thanks was at the center of Hebrew worship. The Israelites set aside time to practice gratitude within their worship by speaking of God’s mighty deeds and remembering his blessings, wonderful works, and faithfulness.

We ask folks in our community to share their Stories of Wonder at our public worship. These are stories of God working in our midst, speaking, leading, and providing for his people. This gives us an opportunity to recognize and rejoice in God’s powerful deeds, and it also trains us to pay attention to how God might be at work in our own lives. This one is from Daniel.

There are times that you do things but wonder about the impact they are having. Days, weeks, months, sometimes years go by and you’re just unsure. But you keep doing them because, even though its hard to explain, deep down you believe they are worth it.

Then there are times when a radiant flash of worth and meaning is unveiled. The curtain is pulled back and you can see the road to glory, a momentary glimpse of Kingdom come, a thrill of hope and the weary world rejoices. This past Tuesday was one of those times.

I met Isaac (or Chihuahua as we affectionately call him) a little over 2 years ago out on 14th street. Chihuahua is a small statured man, humble and always respectful, who spends a majority of his days combing the streets and back alleys of downtown Miami filling plastic bags with aluminum cans so that he can recycle them in order to earn a little extra cash in order to make it through. He’s always talking about his cats, he has 6 of them…

Despite his humble circumstances, having been laid off from the Miami Herald once technology advanced and the idea of holding a physical copy of the newspaper became somewhat obsolete, Chihuahua is always so cheerful, so encouraging, and so faithful. I can’t remember a Tuesday night were he wasn’t already there waiting for us when we arrived downtown- excited to see us, excited to say hello, excited to share a meal together.

A few weeks back I got a phone call from Gabby (the true hero in this story) about an organization whose sole purpose is to reunite people living on the streets with their families. So we made the announcement that following Tuesday asking if anybody was interested in giving it a shot. Chihuahua was the first one to respond. He hasn’t seen a majority of his family for several decades. If I’m honest, I wasn’t quite sure it was going to work. Even as I held the iPhone in my hand recording my friends message to his long lost family, there was doubt in my heart. Was this really going to work?

And then it happened. Last Saturday night I got this frantic voicemail from Gabby that I needed to call her back IMMEDIATELY. When I did the first words out of her mouth were “We found them! We found them!”. After all these years Chihuahua’s family had seen his video and in a tidal wave of love had sent back over a half dozen videos from several parts of the country. The common thread in all the videos- “We love you, we miss you, we want you back in our lives.”

Friday night Chihuahua’s youngest sister Lupe, who he hasn’t seen in nearly 40 years, arrived from North Carolina to pick him up and take him to be reunited with the rest of his family. His mother, other siblings, nephews and nieces, all awaiting; some of which he has never even met.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see Chihuahua again. I scribbled my name, number, and email address on a little sheet of paper for him hoping to stay in contact. But in the end it doesn’t really matter. I rest assured knowing that he is being watched over by a loving Father, surrounded by his family now; he once was lost but now is found.  And in my heart, where doubt existed, faith has been restored.

I see Jesus all over this story. His relentless love and pursuit of us no matter where we are or how long it has been. His amazing grace and heart won’t stop coming after us. And I am very proud to be part of a community, a group of people that, as Chihuahua himself said, “give a dang.”

All Hands on Deck

January 3rd, 2016

Rhythm Team

As we enter the new year, what are the things that God is calling us to pay attention to? This January we’ll be looking at four areas we believe God wants us to pursue as a community.

This isn’t just for some of us, it’s for all of us – it’s all hands on deck. We’ll spend time looking at Intimacy, Generosity, Service, and Hospitality. Join us on Sundays as we welcome in the new year and prepare ourselves for what God has in store for us in 2016.

Praying in the New Year

January 1st, 2016

Rhythm Team

As a church we have much to celebrate from the previous year and much to anticipate for 2016. In the midst of our celebration of the past and excitement for the new, take a moment to pray for Miami. In Jeremiah 29, God tells us to seek the welfare and shalom of the city in which we dwell. In the end, our goal is not to have a great church but a great city.

The following prayers were written by our community. We invite you to start the new year with us by praying for Miami and its people.

Holy God, we thank you for the beauty of this city – both in nature and in what your creation has created. We are blessed to live around such a diverse beauty. We pray that the people of Miami would recognize this beauty and give you praise for it.

Almighty God, we pray for all the migrant workers in the city. Many work in hotels, restaurants, or clean homes. We pray for their well-being and that they would be treated with dignity. Care for them as strangers in a foreign land.

Jesus, we pray for all the teachers in Miami. Being a teacher here has its challenges. We pray that you would encourage our teachers and refresh them as they prepare for the spring semester.

Dear Lord, we pray for Wynwood and all the artists in the city. Thank you for the beauty and creativity coming out of Miami today. We pray that artists in our city would know the Author of creativity and would use their work as a way to show your glory.

Our Father, we pray for all the religious people in Miami who try to earn your approval through their devotion and good works. Please break through their layers of religiosity with the warmth of your love and the power of your grace. Show our friends and family that Christianity is not about a religion but rather a relationship.

Loving God, we pray for all the lonely single people in the city. May friendships be offered to them, and may they come in contact with genuine Christian community that welcomes them with open arms.

Dear Lord, we pray for your one Church in this city to be strengthened this year. As we gather throughout the week at different times and in different places to worship you, may you align our hearts toward your mission and more toward unity. Let us encourage and spur one another one – and may our unity be a benefit to the city.

Holy God, we pray for the young people in our city, specifically those in middle school and high school. There are many lures and temptations that come along with growing up in Miami. We pray that you would counter these temptations by showing our young people the pleasure and delight of knowing you intimately.

Jesus, we pray for Miami’s government officials, the mayor, and the five city commissioners. We pray that they would truly be “civil servants” and do what is best for the city. Help them to act with integrity and humility, and to remember the poor and others who are often forgotten about.

Story of Wonder

November 1st, 2015

Rhythm Team

We learn in 1 Chronicles 16 that telling stories of God’s goodness and giving thanks was at the center of Hebrew worship. The Israelites set aside time to practice gratitude within their worship by speaking of God’s mighty deeds and remembering his blessings, wonderful works, and faithfulness.

We’ve begun asking folks in our community to share their Stories of Wonder at our public worship. These are stories of God working in our midst, speaking, leading, and providing for his people. This gives us an opportunity to recognize and rejoice in God’s powerful deeds, and it also trains us to pay attention to how God might be at work in our own lives. This one is from Bianca.

In a world that’s always changing and improving, I tend to think of ways that I can improve, which just leads to me thinking of all of my flaws. And it usually gets to me and I end up feeling sad and not really worth any attention. Being in a drama program at my school, looks and the way you act are everything, so that doesn’t really help. I think of the way I look, the way I speak, and the way I am. I’m not as smart as others, I’m not as talented, I’m not as pretty. And most of the time I’m sarcastic, but sometimes that just comes off as me being mean. And because I’ve been bullied for a long time, I know how to be mean and I know how it feels when someone is mean to me.

So during service two Sunday’s ago, when the sermon was being preached, I hear these words that stand out. “You are not what other people think of you, because everyone has a different opinion.” And it was an answered prayer. God had really heard me and said to me, “your flaws do not define you, your past does not control you, and negative opinions do not affect who you are. You are my child, and I made you exactly how I wanted to make you, and you are beautiful.” It felt like he was talking right to me. It made me feel special, It made me feel like I actually deserved to live.

And I thought to myself, You are not your past, because you have the power to change, to become better, and to do something fantastic in the future. And I knew that God was, and is, watching over me because he cares for me. He really does care for me and he wants me to reach out to him and ask him for help because if I’m ever not strong enough, he’ll come and be my rock, and he will be strong for me. And he will be strong for anybody because he loves all of his children equally. This brought me up and it also humbled me. It told me that although I need to respect myself, but I also need to respect my peers, and respect God.

Afterwards, I wrote down all of the things I think of myself, the flaws, the bad qualities, and I burned that piece of paper. I then wrote down all of the things I actually am, the good aspects of myself, and I read the paper over and over. It helped me to reflect and think of the ways I can improve. The time after that, I have been noticing some of the things that I do that I have fixed and I’ve been noticing that I am not as bad as I make myself out to be and it has helped me feel better about myself and it’s help me to be kinder.