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Underground Seminary

May 26th, 2015

Rhythm Team

Underground Seminary is back! This is one of the ways we’re trying to bridge the gap between the seminary, the sanctuary, and the street. Blending serious biblical and theological study with personal experience and our contemporary culture, our goal is to facilitate the sort of learning that not only informs our minds but also forms us into faithful witnesses of God’s kingdom.

Sexuality and Spirituality

The course this summer looks at sexuality from a distinctly Christian perspective. What is God’s vision for human sexuality? What shapes and forms our desires? How are we to navigate the cultural arguments over sexual identities and orientations? How are we to understand singleness? What role should Christian community have in guiding our sexual ethics and practices? Join us as we explore these issues surrounding sexuality and many more.

We’ll meet every Wednesday in June from 7 to 9 pm. There will be readings each week, a short lecture, and plenty of time for discussion. We’ll meet in a home because theology is done best while sitting with friends drinking coffee. Cost is $20 and includes your book. Sign up here to reserve a spot.

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