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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami



Rhythm Kids is the children’s ministry of Rhythm. Our vision is to partner with God, parents, and the Rhythm Church community in the spiritual formation of our children and families. Each week we strive for children to be encouraged in their walk with God. We take very seriously our responsibility to care for these kids and do everything in our power to keep them safe, supported, and pointed to Jesus.

Rhythm is a church for everyone, for children as much as for adults. We love your children, and we want to come alongside you as parents to help them love God and live in the way of Jesus.

We want children to participate in Sunday worship with us. Children are always welcome to participate however you desire. We place most of the music toward the beginning of our Sunday morning worship so that, when your child is dismissed before the sermon begins, they can still participate in the music.


All age-group classes focus on sharing the love of Jesus with kids in a manner that is accessible to them. In the Nursery, this includes praying over children, playing, and singing songs together. For the older children, this includes playing and discussing colorful, interactive Bible stories that introduce the stories in a simple and fun way.

The Rhythm Kids Team is well-trained, vetted (including rigorous background checks), and passionate about caring for children. All our team members are responsible to pray for our ministry and families and to serve once a month. We have a lead teacher in each classroom who leads the Bible story based on pre-planned lessons and related activities. We’d love for you to join us!

Child Safety
Anyone working with your or children at Rhythm Church are given a background screening.
We maintain multiple adult workers in the room with children and have a comprehensive child safety policy.

We welcome any feedback, concerns or questions. We are here to serve you and your family.

Key Values

Personal Relationship with God

We focus on helping children to have a personal relationship with God, where they learn to listen to God’s voice, learn from the Bible, and understand the character of God.

Working as a Team

We seek to work as a team with parents, volunteers, and the Rhythm Church community in each child’s spiritual formation. Consistency in prayer, communication, and staying connected helps us to work together for the benefit of our children.

Making Space for Jesus

We believe that Jesus is actively at work in each child’s life. We make space in Kids Worship for prayer and listening, and we approach teaching with humility, understanding that Jesus is the true teacher.

Safety at All Times

The safety and wellbeing of our children on Sunday’s is our top priority! Each of our volunteers has gone through a background check and receives ongoing training from the Rhythm Kids Director.

Having Lots of Fun!

We believe that a child’s experience of the Christian life and church should be fun! Each age group participates in age-appropriate games and crafts. So get ready to have a blast!


If you have questions about our program or would like to serve with the Rhythm Kids team, we would love to connect with you! Please email Lauren Fernandez.

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