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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Godly Play

We strive to help children meet and interact with God in age-appropriate ways. Godly Play is the curriculum Rhythm uses for children 4-7 years old.

It is easy to believe that we need to share the gospel with children in a way that connects with their high-tech world. The Godly Play curriculum offers an alternative approach, presenting the beautiful truths of the Bible in a simple, natural way. Godly Play Bible stories are told contemplatively, using hands-on figures made of natural materials. Children are encouraged to explore their thoughts, ideas and feelings about the story through expressive art following the presentation. Godly Play creates space for children to experience the power and richness of God through creative experiences with His Word.

If you would like more information about Godly Play (history, philosophy, and principles) we encourage you to visit their website.

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