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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

The Passage

Middle school is tough. Most of us look back on those years with little fondness… or we’ve blocked them out entirely! Rhythm Church is committed to supporting our students as they navigate this challenging season of their lives. The Rhythm Passage program was designed to meet this need – it is a mentoring program for our young people who are transitioning out of the kids’ activities and into the adult worship service.

Students entering their 6th or 7th grade year are paired with mentors, who intentionally walk with them in their spiritual development over the course of the school year. In addition, students meet as a group once a month with our Kids Director to do fun activities, discuss Biblical topics, and reflect on their personal growth. At the end of the program, students are recognized in front of the congregation as adult members of the community. We encourage students who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ to participate in The Passage!

If you are interested in knowing more about the Rhythm Passage, please contact Lauren Fernandez.

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