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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami


Freedom from Judging (The Burden is Light, Part 4)

April 14th, 2019

Matt Alexander

Every person has experienced being judged by another. And everyone of us has done our fair share of judging others. In a recent survey, 87% of nonChristians said they think Christians are judgmental. In this sermon, Matt examines Jesus’ teaching about how to experience freedom from judging others in Matthew 7:1-12. Jesus offers us a path towards viewing people like the Father sees them and loving them faithfully.


Freedom from Worry (The Burden is Light, Part 3)

April 7th, 2019

Matt Alexander

Worry and anxiety are a significant part of 21st century life. The media encourages us to worry about the circumstances of our lives, many have experienced trauma that creates anxiety, and millions of others struggle with mental illness. In this sermon, Matt examines Jesus’ teaching on worry from Matthew 6:25-34. Jesus invites us to experience freedom from worry as we seek the abundance and care of the Father and his kingdom.


Freedom from Vanity (The Burden is Light, Part 2)

March 24th, 2019

Matt Alexander

People love being recognized, valued, and held in esteem by other people. We strive for others to notice us and find us impressive. But Jesus offers us freedom from finding our worth in the perspective of others. In this sermon, Matt examines Jesus’ teaching on vanity and seeking our “reward” from the approval of others (Matthew 6:1-8, 16-18). A hidden life with God carries rewards that are beyond the applause of people.


Freedom from Anger (The Burden is Light, Part 1)

March 17th, 2019

Matt Alexander

We live in an angry culture. In fact, if you’re not angry about something then people wonder what’s wrong with you! “Aren’t you paying attention?!” In this sermon, Matt examines Jesus’ teaching on anger in Matthew 5:21-24. According to Jesus, anger is not a neutral force that can be wielded for good – it is a destructive power that hurts us and others. Jesus invites us to release the burden of anger and experience his freedom.


Mission & Compassion (Rhythm 4.0, Part 3)

March 10th, 2019

Matt Alexander

The Bible is composed of many different letters, writings, and poems but it has one primary, overarching story – it’s a story of God’s desire and mission to restore his creation. In this sermon, Matt unpacks the meta-story of the Bible and why the early disciples lived with such integrity, courage, & passion. The early church lived with purpose and compassion because they understood that they were part of this great mission of God. Now it is the church’s turn to carry this love story forward, living on mission in our city.


Community & Vulnerability (Rhythm 4.0, Part 2)

February 24th, 2019

Matt Alexander

Our culture is more “connected” than ever before yet studies show that Americans are extremely lonely. In this sermon, Matt examines Luke 6:12-16 and Jesus rhythm of community and vulnerability. Doing life together is difficult but crucial if we are going to grow in Christ.

Community and Vulnerability (WITH) Resources

Community & Vulnerability handout


Spiritual Friendship guide


Worship & Hunger (Rhythm 4.0, Part 1)

February 17th, 2019

Matt Alexander

Nobody likes to move. It’s tiring, tedious, and slow. But moving forces us to examine what we want to take with us and what we want to leave behind. As Rhythm prepares to move to a new space, Matt explores the core rhythms that we want to hold onto. In this sermon, Matt unpacks the rhythm of worship and hunger for God. We are made to love and desire something or someone and only God is the true object of this kind of affection.

Worship and Hunger (UP) Resources

Worship & Hunger handout

Personalizing the Lord’s Prayer

Desert Day guide

Lectio Divina

5 Questions


God’s Unfolding Plan (Acts, Part 12)

February 10th, 2019

Rhythm Team

God’s plan is not about God’s will for our lives but instead where God is inviting us to participate in his will and plan for all of humanity. In this sermon, Preacher’s Roundtable member Esther Knicely explores the story of Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10. The kingdom of God is breaking into the lives of people who were though to be outside of God’s love and acceptance. In this story we see how God’s plan unfolds to reveal that it is surprising, centered on him and perfect in all its details.


Arise (Acts, Part 11)

February 3rd, 2019

Matt Alexander

God is not just grand and majestic – he is deeply personal and concerned with each persons unique story. In this sermon, Matt explores Acts 9:32-43 and the healing miracles of Aeneas and Tabitha. God is at work renewing all things and raising up the parts of our lives that are paralyzed and dead.

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