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Living in the Rhythm of God's Kingdom.


The Look of Love

September 3rd, 2017

Roxy Meyer

The story of the prodigal son is the most well-known parable that Jesus told. This story captured the imagination of Jesus’ original audience and it continues to open up the possibility of redemption for us today. In this sermon, guest preacher Roxy Meyer unpacks this old story but in a new way. It really is not about the rebellion of the younger son or the resentment of the older son, but about the unconditional love and pursuit of the father.

Authority and Power (We Are Family, Part 3)

August 27th, 2017

Matt Alexander

We have all experienced unhealthy power dynamics. We have all had bad experience with authority figures. But can power and authority be used in a different way? In this sermon, Matt examines Matthew 9:1-8, where Jesus uses his power and authority to heal and restore a broken man. The gospel of Matthew claims that Jesus is the final power and authority in the world, which is good news because his authority is used to forgive, restore, heal, and empower.

How to Make Disciples (We Are Family, Part 2)

August 20th, 2017

Matt Alexander

The church is a family with a purpose – to form and grow disciples of Jesus. But how does this actually happen? Does Jesus give us any wisdom or instructions on how we make disciples? In this sermon, Matt unpacks Luke 10:1-24 and a recipe that Jesus gives us for making disciples in community. The church must pursue God’s mission together, in humility, with good news, and expecting God to move in powerful ways.

Identity and Purpose (We Are Family, Part 1)

August 13th, 2017

Matt Alexander

The New Testament uses several different metaphors to describe the church. Body. Bride. Building. But the most prevalent metaphor that the early church leaders used was family. The church isn’t a worship service to attend – it’s a family to belong. In this sermon, Matt explores Acts 2:42-47 and the family life of the first church in Jerusalem and the togetherness that God wants us to experience together. At the core of this family is also a significant purpose – to go and make disciples of Jesus. The family of God experiences life and power when we set our lives on this purpose together.

Tell and Remember (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 7)

August 6th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Human beings often have a difficult time remembering things. We forgot items to buy at the store or where we left our glasses. But what about remembering important moments in our lives where we experienced God in a powerful way? These are the most important events to remember, but we so often forget. In this sermon, Preacher’s Roundtable member Terri Dewey examines Psalm 78 which speaks of the significance of remembering God and his mighty deeds. This psalm shows us the power of remembering God’s presence and provision in our past, so that we can live in faith in our present.

Navigating Dry Seasons (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 6)

July 30th, 2017

Matt Alexander

The Psalms cultivate a rich, deep, authentic life with God in us. We learn how to know God deeply through these poems and songs of praise. But what about the dry seasons of life where God is distant and it’s hard to experience him? In this sermon, Matt unpacks Psalm 42 to give us vision about how to navigate these dry seasons. Everyone will experience dry seasons in their life with God and it’s important to know how to walk through them well.

Heart Check (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 5)

July 23rd, 2017

Paul Olver

The bad guys seem to win while those trying to be good and do good have a hard time. This is an age-old situation that trips up many people. In this sermon, Rhythm Guidance Team member Paul Olver explores Psalm 37. In response to the challenges of living amongst the “wicked” and the “righteous”, we must look below the surface and take the long view -and use the teaching of this Psalm to monitor and regulate what’s going on inside us.

Thank Your Heartbeat (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 4)

July 16th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Self-pity creates a wall of sorrow that we build around our self to the point that we will focus on our wounds and how horrible life is and how nothing goes our way.  However when we realize that Jesus suffered in every way that we have, yet without sin, we can live in a refreshed mindset thankful for the little things we have forgotten. Did you wake up in a bed this morning? Was there a roof over that bed? Was there food in the fridge? In this sermon, member of Rhythm’s Preachers Roundtable, Anthony Fadelle explores Psalm 57 which reminds us that if the answer was yes to these questions, we are doing OK! Ultimately our relationship with Jesus needs to start with us being thankful with our heartbeat.

Pray Your Anger (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 3)

July 9th, 2017

Matt Alexander

Anger is a core human emotion, but is so rarely embraced or accepted in society and in churches. We tend to sweep our anger under the rug, being unwilling to face this intense emotion. But the Psalms do not refrain from showing their anger and rage. The writers of the Psalms pray angry prayers, expressing their pain and raw frustration with the world. In this sermon, Matt examines Psalm 109, one of the angriest passages of the entire Bible. This psalm is a tool that God uses to form us into people who pray our anger, rather than directing it onto other people.

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