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Living in the Rhythm of God's Kingdom.


Comfort vs. Compassion (Jonah, Part 6)

November 12th, 2017

Matt Alexander

Every story has an ending. There’s closure and resolution that comes along with every narrative. The story of Jonah is unique because it ends with a cliffhanger. In this sermon, Matt examines Jonah 4 and the question that God poses to Jonah that goes unanswered. Will you embrace your personal comfort or the compassion of God?

Good News for Nineveh and Us (Jonah, Part 5)

November 5th, 2017

Rhythm Team

What could possibly transform a city and national identity from violence to prayer and peace? In this sermon, Preacher’s Roundtable member Terri Dewey unpacks Jonah 3. Walk with us through the story of how God’s powerful love changed the city of Nineveh, and how his Spirit can do the same thing in our lives, and even in the lives of our enemies.  Step into the shoes of the people of Nineveh, and imagine what it would be like to be transformed by an encounter with God.

The Sabbath is About Healing

October 29th, 2017

Matt Alexander

American culture places a high value on production and accomplishment. It’s easy to find our value and worth in what we do, rather than who we are. In this sermon, Matt and Evette share about God’s vision of Sabbath and their journey of developing a Sabbath practice. Jesus is actively healing the world and Sabbath rest is a significant part of his restoration.

The Great City (Jonah, Part 4)

October 22nd, 2017

Matt Alexander

There’s a difference between stubborn obedience and joyful trust. In chapter 3 of the book of Jonah, the main character finally arrives in Nineveh, but his heart is disengaged from God and the city. In this sermon, Matt examines Jonah 3:1-5 where God gives Jonah a second chance and Jonah arrives in Nineveh. God’s vision and heart for the great city of Nineveh is beyond what Jonah can fathom.

Messy Spirituality (Jonah, Part 3)

October 15th, 2017

Matt Alexander

Following Jesus is messy – don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Most people experience seasons of doubt, struggle, loss, depression, and pain. The key is to pursue Jesus in the midst of the mess and the darkness. In this sermon, Matt unpacks Jonah 1:7-2:10 when Jonah is swallowed by a big fish. In the belly of the fish we see that Jonah is still running from God rather than towards him. This story reveals the struggle that we all have with pursuing Jesus in the midst of the mess.

Exposure Therapy (Jonah, Part 2)

October 8th, 2017

Rhythm Team

Fear will drive us to do extreme things. Human beings avoid fear at all costs – we run from our fears, we ignore things that make us uncomfortable, we attack our fears in unhealthy ways. God wants to set us free from fear so we can live a life of freedom and joy. In this sermon, Preacher’s Roundtable member Chelsea Bulack examines Jonah 1:4-6 where Jonah chooses to sleep rather than face God in the storm. This story helps us to name our fears and the ways we tend to run from the deeper work that God wants to do in us.

I Am Jonah (Jonah, Part 1)

October 1st, 2017

Matt Alexander

Most people think the story of Jonah is about a great fish, but it’s really about a great God! Jonah flees from God because he can’t fathom that God could possibly care about his enemies. In this sermon, Matt offers an introductory overview to the book of Jonah and examines Jonah 1:1-3. There’s double good news in this story – God loves us and pursues us when we run away like Jonah, and God loves and purses the people that we hate just like he did the Ninevites.

A Glimpse of God

September 24th, 2017

Paul Olver

These are scary times with natural disasters, refugee crises, and rumblings of war — not to mention the storms of individual lives. As a displaced person, part of a defeated people, Ezekiel knew about difficult situations. His vision of God helps us put our problems into perspective. In this sermon, Rhythm’s Guidance Team and Preacher’s Roundtable member, Paul Olver unpacks the vision in Ezekiel 1:1-2:3a and applies it to our context. No matter what is happening around us, God is great, He is in charge, and He has a job for us to do.

The Look of Love

September 3rd, 2017

Roxy Meyer

The story of the prodigal son is the most well-known parable that Jesus told. This story captured the imagination of Jesus’ original audience and it continues to open up the possibility of redemption for us today. In this sermon, guest preacher Roxy Meyer unpacks this old story but in a new way. It really is not about the rebellion of the younger son or the resentment of the older son, but about the unconditional love and pursuit of the father.

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