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Simeon’s Song (Songs of Advent, Part 4)

December 22nd, 2013

By Keas Keasler

What does it mean to see the face of God? And why do we find the prayer for God’s face to shine upon us throughout the Old Testament? In this sermon, Keas explains how God’s face is his relational presence, and how both sin and fear keep us from knowing God intimately. Yet the incarnation was the beginning of something new. In Jesus, God found a way to overcome our sin and a way of relating to humans that does not involve fear.

Discussion Questions

  1. Read Psalm 27:7-8. When the Psalmist says that his heart urges him to seek God’s face, what does he mean? When you seek God’s face, what are you really looking for and hoping for?
  2. What is the difference between God’s general presence and his relational presence?
  3. Why did we lose God’s face (his relational presence) after sin entered the world at the Fall?
  4. What happens to people when they feel the loss of God’s relational presence? What are some of the ways that they react?
  5. What must happen in order for us to regain God’s face and enjoy intimate communion with him?
  6. Explain how Christmas marks the beginning of a new covenant. How did Jesus make it possible for God’s face to shine on us once again?
  7. What would it mean for us to become aware, on a daily basis, of the face of God shining upon us? If we fully recognized that Jesus has atoned for our sins and removed the walls dividing us from intimate relationship with God, how would that change 1) the way we approach God? 2) the way we think about ourselves? 3) what we depend on for happiness and satisfaction?


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