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Thank Your Heartbeat (Tools for Every Season of the Soul, Part 4)

July 16th, 2017

By Rhythm Team

Self-pity creates a wall of sorrow that we build around our self to the point that we will focus on our wounds and how horrible life is and how nothing goes our way.  However when we realize that Jesus suffered in every way that we have, yet without sin, we can live in a refreshed mindset thankful for the little things we have forgotten. Did you wake up in a bed this morning? Was there a roof over that bed? Was there food in the fridge? In this sermon, member of Rhythm’s Preachers Roundtable, Anthony Fadelle explores Psalm 57 which reminds us that if the answer was yes to these questions, we are doing OK! Ultimately our relationship with Jesus needs to start with us being thankful with our heartbeat.

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