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Forming & growing disciples of Jesus in miami

Community Groups

In Acts 2:46 we learn that the earliest Christians committed themselves to the “fellowship” which also can be translated “togetherness.” In other words, they didn’t try to live the way of Jesus alone – they were committed to doing this with one another. Our Community Groups groove to the same melody as these first Christians. Community Groups help us live out our faith face to face, pay attention to God’s presence in our life, share our joys and sorrows, and keep our lives moving in God’s direction.

Most Community Groups meet every other week, on the second and fourth weeks of the month. And they are open groups, so anyone can connect at anytime.

If you’re interested in joining a specific Community Group, contact the group leader or one of the members of the group at any time. You also can email Matt Alexander who can help connect you with a group leader. If at any time you no longer wish to be part of your group, or want to change groups, you may – the choice is always yours.

You can also learn more about our vision for Community Groups by listening to this sermon.

Times & Places:

Mixed Group, 7pm – meets in Overtown
Leader: Doug Hale

Mens Group, 8pm – meets in Coconut Grove
Leader: Matt Alexander

Mixed Group, 8pm – meets at Elks Lodge (6304 SW 78th St)
Alive Again Recovery Ministry
Leader: Anthony Fadelle

Mens Group, 8pm – meets in West Miami
Leader: Joao Freitas

Womens Group, 11am – meets in Coral Gables
Leader: Marlene Riesco